Adela Smeke - World Jewish Congress

Adela Smeke

Member of the Executive

Adela Smeke Mizrahi is a well-respected writer, educator, and activist based in Mexico City, Mexico, who is committed to advancing the Jewish community. She has held numerous leadership positions, including as an Executive Committee Member of the World Jewish Congress and a Board member of the Mexican Jewish Community. Adela is also a member of the Jewish Diplomatic Corps, where she has worked tirelessly to promote a better future for the Jewish people. She is deeply connected to her Sephardic heritage and takes great pride in honoring it.

Adela's educational background is impressive, having earned a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Human Studies from Anahuac University of Mexico City. She later earned a second Master's degree in Religion, Culture, and Peace Studies from the University for Peace, an institution created by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 35/55. Her dedication to countering antisemitism and promoting Holocaust education has earned her the distinction of Doctor Honoris Causa by the Kinneret Institute of Mexico in 2021. The same year, Adela received the Herzl Award in Mexico City, which recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the Zionist movement and to Israel.

Adela's inspiring work and dedication to the Jewish community have been recognized and celebrated beyond her immediate sphere of influence. Her biography has been featured in two books, “Mujeres: Técnica Mixta” and “Mujeres Chidas,” which have reached a wider audience and served as an inspiration for many individuals to work towards a better world.


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