World Jewish Congress
UNHRC’s Anti-Israel Bias

UNHRC’s Anti-Israel Bias

48th Session
Item 7:
General Debate
Representative delivering the statement: Jonathan Aiach
United Kingdom

Thank you, Madam President,

On 14 September 2021, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Meirav Eilon Shahar, called for the Human Rights Council to abolish agenda item 7, therefore ending the Council’s inherent anti-Israel bias once and for all.

The ambassador listed the UNHRC’s actions against Israel in 2021, which included the passage of four resolutions condemning the Jewish state, more than were passed against any other country.

The council also held a special session on Israel in May and voted for a fifth resolution, which established a permanent, first of its kind “commission of inquiry” against the Jewish state. This special session was called just as Israel was under attack by Hamas, a terrorist organization, and fighting, continued violence and riots in Jerusalem incited by extremist elements which pose imminent danger for the security of all people in Israel. Nevertheless, we hope that in the context of the probe, the old fake allegation of apartheid will not be leveled again towards Israel as there is absolutely no ground for such an accusation.

The World Jewish Congress notes that more and more countries around the globe have been abstaining during item 7 votes, and that many boycotted the commemoration of the Durban Declaration, which clearly shows that the anti-Israel bias of the council is not shared by all its members.

Since the Durban conference, twenty years ago, antisemitism has been steadily rising across the world, while protesting antisemitism has not been part of the global anti-racist movement, and Jews and Jewish experiences of racism have been systematically excluded from it.

The World Jewish Congress urges global leaders to take strong measures to ensure the fight against antisemitism remains part of the fight against racism and is not excluded by and under the umbrella of UN sponsored organizations.

Thank you.