UNHRC’s Anti-Israel Bias - World Jewish Congress

UNHRC’s Anti-Israel Bias

47th Session
Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestinian Territory
Representative delivering the statement: Sara Galico

Thank you, Madam President.  

The World Jewish Congress, the European Union of Jewish Students and the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists are alarmed by the frightening rise of antisemitic hatred seen globally during the recent attacks by Hamas on Israel.  

In the past weeks, dozens of synagogues have been vandalized throughout Europe. We have heard protestors on the streets calling for the raping of Jewish women in the UK. Members of the Jewish communities, who were walking peacefully in their neighborhoods, were physically attacked by anti-Israel demonstrators in the United States. We are also outraged by the surge of violent antisemitic hate speech across social media with posts on major platforms featuring Holocaust imagery, conspiracy myths, and Nazi glorification.  

Regrettably, we have seen little to no reaction coming from UN officials about these attacks on our community. This negligent and biased stance helps plant the seeds of hatred and we have witnessed the consequences. Make no mistake, whenever anti-Israel sentiments become a license to attack Jews indiscriminately, it is antisemitism, pure and simple. Leaving it unaddressed directly threatens Jewish life all around the globe. 

As we have reiterated many times, the HRC’s agenda Item 7 has created an unacceptable platform where biased resolutions targeting Israel abound. Singling out the only Jewish state in this way has contributed to a narrative resulting in physical attacks against Jewish communities, not only in the Middle East, but also worldwide.  We call on this Council to abolish Item 7, to stop singling out Israel for unfair treatment, and to condemn the attacks against civilians in Israel and Jewish communities around the world.  

Thank you.