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Today, Monaco has around 700 Jews, with Jewish residents from other countries rounding up to about 1,000, according to a U.S. State Department report on religious freedom. A number of these residents are believed to be Jewish retirees, primarily from France and the United Kingdom, with a smaller number from North Africa and Turkey.

The Association Culturelle Israélite de Monaco is the Monégasque affiliate of the World Jewish Congress.

WJC Affiliate
Association Culturelle Israélite de Monaco
President: Mikhal Amsellem
tel: +377 93 25 73 36


Before World War II, Monaco had a modest Jewish population of around 300 people.

The Years of the Holocaust

During World War II, Prince Louis II refused to dismiss Jewish civil servants and identity papers were issued to a number of Jews to protect them from deportation – although 90 Jews were deported by the Monégasque police, of whom only nine survived.
In August 2015, Prince Albert II apologized for the role of Monaco in deporting Jews to Nazi Germany's concentration camps. A monument dedicated to deported Monégasque Jews was unveiled by the Prince and can be seen at the Monaco Cemetery. 

Religious and Cultural Life

The Synagogue Edmond J. Safra holds daily shacharit and mincha services, as well as services on Shabbat, the High Holy Days, and festivals. The community’s spiritual leader is Rabbi Daniel Torgmant.

Community Life

The Association Culturelle Israelite de Monaco has been recognized as the official Jewish representative body since 1948 and is WJC’s affiliate in the principality. The community maintains a synagogue and a Hebrew school.

Kosher Food

A number of bakeries and two supermarkets stock kosher products with local community supervision.

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