World Jewish Congress welcomes EU court’s decision to keep Hamas on terror list

NEW YORK – World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder on Wednesday welcomed the European Court of Justice’s decision to uphold the European Union’s listing of Hamas as a terrorist organization, and called on the EU do to everything in its power to prevent European entities from engaging in business or showing any other form of support with it.

“In upholding the decision to keep Hamas on the EU’s terror list, the European Court of Justice has taken an important step in the war against international terror.

“It has long been known that Hamas is a terrorist organization, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israelis, and that its motivating goal is to seek to seek the destruction of the State of Israel and its citizens.

“In Europe, there are far too many organizations, some deeming themselves charities, that have been aiding Hamas over the years by engaging in business or raising funds to support this terror. It is imperative that the European Union do everything in its legal power to crack down on any signs on its soil of collaboration with this terrorist group.”

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