IAJLJ to host annual conference in Rome on 'Controversial Multicuturalism'

The 3-day conference, which will be held November 7-9, will examine this subject from the historical, legal, social and political aspects

World Jewish Congress sends letter of concern to Real Madrid over its invitation to Ahed Tamimi: "Any move to propel anti-Israel sentiments runs risk of encouraging antisemitism"

“We sincerely hope that Real Madrid will continue in its quest to promote tolerance on and off the field, and in the future, leave politics out of the conversation.”

WJC at UNHRC: Victims of genocide should never be forgotten

“More than 70 years after the end of the Holocaust, we remain dismayed that humanity has not learned from its past mistakes,” says WJC Jewish Diplomat Aurélie Casahoursat.

WJC joins over 50 organizations in denouncing academic boycotts of Israel

Impeding a student’s ability to participate in a university-approved educational program in order to carry out political activism is reprehensible. Individual faculty members have the right to express public support for an academic boycott of Israel. But when faculty like Prof. Cheney-Lippold go as far as implementing the boycott’s guidelines by taking action to suppress students’ ability to travel to or study about Israel, they have abrogated the most basic professorial responsibility of promoting the academic welfare of their students.

Daniel Berke / World Jewish Congress

WJC stands with British Jews in urging UK Labour Party to combat anti-Semitism amongst its ranks

“The World Jewish Congress fully supports the British Jewish community in its strong stand against anti-Semitism,” says WJC Jewish Diplomat Daniel Berke.

Join WJC in petitioning Sweden to ban neo-Nazi movements

We call upon the government of Sweden to utilize all available legal measures to outlaw the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) and similar neo-Nazi organizations in Sweden which employ militaristic means to persecute or incite others.

As Sweden gears up for September elections, World Jewish Congress urges government to outlaw violent neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement

In recent years, NRM has repeatedly incited against minority groups, clad in dark clothing to underscore its militaristic intentions, including attacking refugees with bombs and incendiary devices and assaulting participants at Sweden’s annual political festival, the Almedalen Week.

World Jewish Congress to co-host international conference on Yiddish culture and language

The conference, which runs 5-12 August 2018, will feature enlightening conversations and presentation by renowned scholars and researchers from all over the world, who will present their lectures and papers in Yiddish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Israeli man succumbs to wounds after stabbed by Palestinian terrorist

On Thursday, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed three Israeli men in the West Bank settlement of Adam. One of them, Yotam Ovadia, a father of two, has succumbed to his wounds. May his memory be a blessing.

WJC in the Media

World Jewish Congress condemns ‘despicable’ neo-Nazi march in Dortmund

“The despicable neo-Nazi display that occurred over the weekend in Dortmund should appall and repel all proponents of democracy, tolerance, and justice,” WJC President Ronald S. Lauder said.

Chelsea FC and World Jewish Congress to host global summit on antisemitism - Jewish News

Premier League side and World Jewish Congress will convene event next year, addressing discrimination and racism in sport.

Rock hurled inside Polish synagogue during Yom Kippur prayers - JTA

The attack is “shocking and dismaying in itself, made all the more distressing by the fact that it took place on Yom Kippur, evoking the terrible tragedies that occurred in German-occupied Poland during the years of the Holocaust,” WJC President Ronald Lauder said.

Polish police looking for man who threw stone into synagogue - AP

The World Jewish Congress said it was “shocked and dismayed” and that the incident evoked “the terrible tragedies that occurred in German-occupied Poland during the years of the Holocaust.”

Dancing our way to multifaith peace

WJC President Lauder welcomes upgrade of special envoy to combat antisemitism, urges swift appointment to position

“In upgrading the position of special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism, the U.S. House of Representatives has taken another praiseworthy step in demonstrating its dedication to the security of Jewish communities across the country,” WJC President Ronald S. Lauder said.

WJC condemns antisemitic attack against Jewish restaurant in Germany

“It is inconceivable and outrageous that neo-Nazi elements or Nazi-inspired individuals in Germany continue to feel empowered to engage in violent acts against Jews and other minorities,” WJC President Ronald S. Lauder said.

WJC President Lauder regrets Paraguay’s decision to relocate embassy from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv

“Paraguay has always been a steadfast supporter of the State of Israel, and it is extremely concerning to witness the unnecessary strain in ties between two historically strong friends.”

Press Releases

Sweden's southern district police chief responds to WJC concern over threats facing Jewish community

Sweden’s Southern District Police Chief Carina Persson and the head of the department’s investigations division, Petra Stenkula, responded Wednesday to World Jewish Congress CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Singer’s letter of concern condemning an arson attack that targeted a Jewish woman near Malmo last week.

World Jewish Congress expresses concern at explosion targeting Jewish community leader in Kazan, Tatarstan

““I was very worried to hear about today’s explosion targeting the head of the Jewish community in Kazan, Tatarstan.  I wish to extend my best wishes to Mr. Skoblionk and his family and hope for a speedy recovery," said WJC CEO Robert Singer.

WJC President Lauder praises bipartisan US Senate bill imposing sanctions on use of human shields

“Every terror group that cowardly hides behind women and children while using hospitals and schools as bases to attack civilians, in clear violation of both international law and basic moral values, should be held accountable and punished,” Lauder added.

World Jewish Congress: UNHRC elections demonstrate ‘clear and deep’ need for reform across the board

"The very process by which these non-competitive elections were held demonstrates, once again, that the Council must enact much-needed reform in order to truly fulfill its mandate as a body concerned with human rights, rather than advancing a political agenda.”

WJC condemns desecration of Greece cemetery as 'inexcusable and direct attack against the Jewish community'

"In Greece today, such vile demonstrations of hatred and opposition have sadly become commonplace, against both Jews and other minorities. We cannot and must not tolerate such injustice."

Shahar Azran

WJC President Lauder marks 75 years since rescue of Danish Jews: ‘When you save one life, you save a world – here in Denmark, you saved over 7,000 worlds’

“Today we remember an unusual event during World War II. Not the killing of Jews, but the saving of Jews,” Lauder said in his address, noting: “Sadly, that rarely happened, but it did here in Denmark, and I think the major question is why? It’s what you here in Denmark call ‘Mod’. We call it courage.”

WJC US Urges Congress to Pass the STOP Using Human Shields Act

This important bipartisan measure would help in effort to put an end to the horrific practice by terrorist groups that puts innocent people in harm’s way. We hope Congress will vote very soon to send this bill to the President to be signed into law.”

Konrad Obidzinski

World Jewish Congress brings special-needs youth from Israel on first-of-its-kind educational mission to Poland

The World Jewish Congress brought a first-of-its-kind delegation of special needs youth from across Israel to Poland this week, on an educational mission to the Nazi death camp Auschwitz

WJC condemns arson targeting Jewish woman near Malmo

‘Swedish authorities must do everything in their power to prevent such attacks from happening again’