WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps

The Jewish Diplomatic Corps of the World Jewish Congress (WJC JDCorps), is the flagship program of the WJC, and is a leadership development and diplomatic impact program.

At present, we have a cadre of 300 members aged 27 to 45 from 50 countries, who are already accomplished professionals in their own rights. Members, known as Jewish Diplomats (JDs), include lawyers, community leaders, social media experts, venture capitalists, university professors, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs.

Our objective is to represent and strengthen the Jewish communities worldwide, to ensure that Jewish communities around the world have a voice in global affairs today - and for decades to come. WJC JDCorps activities focus on advocacy on WJC core topics, such as interfaith relations, combating the delegitimisation of Israel, antisemitism and Holocaust legacy, as well as safeguarding human rights and minority rights.

The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps can be contacted at office@jdcorps.org

Recent international conferences with the participation of members of the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps

United Nations, General Assembly, New York

United Nations, Human Rights Council, Geneva

Organisation of American States, General Assembly, Cancun

World Peace Forum, Jakarta, Indonesia

Muslim Jewish Conference, Sarajevo

International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, seminar on digital antisemitism, Vienna

International Council of Christians and Jews, conference, Bonn

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, seminar on hate speech on the internet, Jerusalem

Council of Young Jewish Presidents, meeting of the development program, New York

IAF Chairman’s Conference, Jerusalem

Child Dignity Congress, Vatican City

World Summit on Counter-terrorism, Herzliya

IHRA Panel on Holocaust Remembrance and Education, Washington

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps internal meetings

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Special Mission to Israel, Jerusalem - Haifa - Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, Washington D.C.

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, Paris

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps participation at the ICFR European-Israeli Diplomatic Forums, Israel

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, New York

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee and Staff Retreat, Israel

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Israel Social Event, Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, London

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Working Breakfast, Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps participation at the WJC Herzl Gala Dinner, New York

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder presents his vision of Jewish leadership at the WJC-JDCorps Global Summit in Basel, Switzerland in November, 2016

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