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The Executive Committee of the WJC comprises 50 members representing communities and organizations from all regions around the world.

Professional Staff
Professional staff
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Past presidents
Julian mack thumb 1936-1943
Julian Mack
Stephen wise thumb 1944-1949
Stephen S. Wise
Nahum goldmann thumb 1949-1977
Nahum Goldmann
Edgar bronfman thumb 1979-2007
Edgar M. Bronfman
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Job Vacancies

The World Jewish Congress is establishing a new international department to counter the various efforts and initiatives across the globe to delegitimize the State of Israel, including manifestations organized by and/or associated with the BDS movement (collectively, “Delegitimization”) and is looking to hire a director for the Counter-Delegitimization Department.

Full details of the position and how to apply can be found here.

Neo nazi

Help us send the unequivocal message that the European Union must take a strong stand against the growing resurgence of parties with neo-Nazi leanings, and the seeming acceptance of these parties by their governments. Please give as generously as you can.

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