World Jewish Congress refutes media reports of taking stance on Crimea

The World Jewish Congress has issued the following correction and clarification refuting erroneous media reports that it has taken a stance on the status of Crimea:
"A recent news report (first published in RIA Novosti) to the effect that the status of Crimea was raised, discussed or addressed at a meeting of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) sometime between November 16 and 22, 2017, in the United States is erroneous," said WJC General Counsel Menachem Rosensaft. "No WJC meeting took place during these dates, and the status of Crimea has not been raised, discussed or addressed at any WJC meeting at any time."
Rosensaft added: "The RIA Novosti article further stated that an individual identified as 'Rabbi Wolf' had attended such a nonexistent WJC meeting, and that his badge was marked ‘Crimea, Russia’. We wish to set the record straight: no one named 'Rabbi Wolf' has ever attended a WJC meeting or event, and the WJC has never had any contact with or connection to such an individual; and the WJC held no governance meeting, in New York or elsewhere, during the month of November 2017.”

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