WJC US Urges Congress to Pass the STOP Using Human Shields Act

New York, October 10, 2018- The World Jewish Congress United States is urging Congress to support and help pass S. 3257, the STOP Using Human Shields Act or Sanction Terrorist Operations Using Human Shields Act of 2018. This bipartisan bill mandates sanctions against members of foreign terrorist organizations responsible for the use of human shields. Introduced by Senators Ted Cruz (R - TX), Joe Donnelly (D - IN), John Cornyn (R – TX), Richard Blumenthal (D - CT), Tim Scott (R - SC), Ed Markey (D- MA), Marco Rubio (R - FL) and David Perdue (R- GA), this bipartisan bill would impose sanctions on groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS, which blatantly violate international law by placing their weapons arsenals and other terrorist infrastructure among civilian populations and use children and adults as human shields. This evil attempt to hide behind innocent civilians as they carry out terrorist attacks demonstrates that Hamas, Hezbollah, and their ilk have no respect for innocent human life.


Rabbi Joel H. Meyers, Chair, WJC US, said, “WJC US believes that the United States should hold these terrorist groups accountable for committing these war crimes. S. 3257 would impose consequences on those who enable and facilitate the use of human shields and would provide the US Treasury Department with the tools to censure terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah for this unlawful activity. There nearly 50 Senators of both parties who are currently supporting this legislation and we strongly urge all the Senator to add their voices too, and help pass S. 3257, , the Stop Using Human Shields Act of 2018. This important bipartisan measure would help in effort to put an end to the horrific practice by terrorist groups that puts innocent people in harm’s way. We hope Congress will vote very soon to send this bill to the President to be signed into law.”

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