WJC commends Canada for revoking directive on Israeli goods made beyond Green Line

NEW YORK - The World Jewish Congress has commended the Canadian Food Inspection Agency  (CFIA) for revoking a directive banning the labeling of Israeli goods produced beyond the Green Line as “made in Israel”, and applauded the efforts of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and other Jewish organizations for their efforts in bringing the issue to a positive resolution.
“The World Jewish Congress, North America deeply opposes any measures that attempt to in any way boycott or sanction Israeli products and considers these as unjustified acts of discrimination against the Jewish state,” said Evelyn Sommer, Chair of WJC, North America.
“We are gratified by the response of Canada to the concerns of the Jewish community in this case regarding the wine vendors and applaud all the efforts made by CIJA and other Jewish organizations who worked to bring about a positive resolution to this issue,” Sommer said.
In response to CFIA’s announcement on Thursday evening, David J. Cape, CIJA Chair, said in a statement: 

“We commend the Government of Canada for quickly revoking this directive which is at odds with Canada’s policy. Like many in our community, we were alarmed that this decision was taken. Such guidelines undermine the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement that has benefited Canadians for twenty years. It also sought to impose a unique, punitive standard on Israelis that the Government has consistently rejected. We thank the Government of Canada for its rapid action in resolving this matter, and for reaffirming the strength of the Canada-Israel relationship.”

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