WJC and Israel's UN mission to hold 2nd annual global summit against BDS at UN headquarters

NEW YORK - The World Jewish Congress and Israel’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations will co-host the second annual Ambassadors Against BDS conference, at the UN headquarters in New York on March 29, an international summit aimed at giving students the tools to fight the delegitimization of Israel on campus.

The event aims to bring together dozens of diplomats from around the world, dignitaries, public officials and opinion makers, as well as thousands of students for a day of high-level discussion on tactics to combat the delegitimization of Israel. 

The conference will open with a plenary session in the General Assembly Hall, followed by various forums and breakout sessions on topics ranging from the use of digital media to diplomatic means to counter the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in the academy, private sector and on social media.

“Since our first conference in May 2016, so many students, professionals, and academics have joined the fight against the BDS movement. And we have seen our efforts met with success, as the BDS movement continues to suffer setback after setback,” said World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer. “Unfortunately, we are far from stopping this phenomenon. For every victory, we also witness new campaigns aimed at promoting the boycott of Israeli businesses, culture, and academic institutions, actions which undermine any hope for peace.

“In order to stop the BDS movement in its tracks we need to continue to stand strong, and stand together,” Singer said. “We invite you to join us to become an Ambassador against BDS at the United Nations General Assembly Hall, to combat the international campaign of demonizing and delegitimizating Israel, and to express your support for the Jewish people’s right to a homeland in Israel.”

To register for the event: http://www.fight-bds.com/Events/Ambassadors-Against-BDS/

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