Media will have to answer for intimidation of journalists by Hamas, WJC spokeswoman says

NEW YORK – The international media will have to answer for the intimidation by Hamas of journalists working in Gaza, which has produced a one-sided anti-Israel narrative in the mainstream press, World Jewish Congress spokeswoman E.J. Kessler declared today.

“The reports from journalists testifying to Hamas intimidation are troubling and call into question the veracity of some accounts of the fighting,” Kessler said. “In addition, the media has not adequately explained why it has not been able to broadcast or print many pictures of Hamas terrorists firing rockets from civilian areas or handling weapons, when thousands of rockets have been fired and weapons used. It was considered a big scoop when, many weeks into the conflict, an Indian TV crew this week released footage of Hamas terrorists firing a rocket in a civilian area. How is that possible? What are editors telling their reporters? The media must be held responsible for caving in to the totalitarian pressure of Hamas censorship.”

Hamas rockets seized by Israel from a ship on the Red Sea

Among other reports of Hamas intimidation, Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati tweeted on July 29 that he could only reveal the truth that a Hamas rocket hit the UNWRA camp at Shati when he was “Out of #Gaza far from #Hamas retaliation.” The Jerusalem Post reported recently that two Wall Street Journal reporters deleted tweets that showed Hamas destruction in Gaza and a Russia Today reporter was told to leave after reporting about Hamas rocket fire from a civilian area. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has reported the near total absence of pictures of Hamas terrorists. The Indian TV footage of Hamas operatives launching a rocket in a civilian area can be seen here.

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