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Shalom announces programme for 75th anniversary of rescue of Bulgarian Jews from Holocaust

Dr Alexander Oscar, president of the Shalom Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria, noted that 2018 marks the 75th anniversary of the prevention of the deportation of Bulgarian Jews and the mourning for the thousands who had been deported from Macedonia and northern Greece.

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NYC monument honoring Nazi collaborator to remain in place - Times of Israel

Betty Ehrenberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress in North America, told The Times of Israel that Petain’s name “should not be included with the memorials to those who truly deserve admiration and veneration.”

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Legal fight is launched to stop Belgium's ban on kosher animal slaughter

Three organisations filed the suit Tuesday, including the Belgian Federation of Jewish Organizations, the European Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress.

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President of Italian Jewish community speaks out on Victor Emmanuel III reburial controversy - Algemeiner

For Noemi Di Segni, there is a duty to the past primarily because of the future. “If you forget what happened eighty years ago, you’ll forget what happened yesterday,” she said. “We Jews remember what happened 3,000 years ago, after all.”

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President of Italian Jewish community speaks out on Victor Emmanuel III reburial controversy - Algemeiner

For Noemi Di Segni, there is a duty to the past primarily because of the future. “If you forget what happened eighty years ago, you’ll forget what happened yesterday,” she said. “We Jews remember what happened 3,000 years ago, after all.”

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IN PICTURES | Participants from around the world join WJC's We Remember campaign

Follow the WJC's 2018 We Remember campaign as it unfolds through January 27.

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Joining WJC, Israeli soccer teams make Holocaust memorial project next goal - YNet

The Israeli soccer world has agreed to pitch in to the World Jewish Congress's biggest ever Holocaust memorial initiative, with back-to-back reigning champions Hapoel Be'er Sheva, Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Katamon of Jerusalem all joining the international project with their players photographed with the hashtag leading the project—#WeRemember.

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These Holocaust survivors have an important message for the world - Huffington Post

"Today, we plead with you again speak up and put down signs of racism, acts of hatred,” the women said in the video posted by the World Jewish Congress on Tuesday. “Show your commitment to honor the past and protect our future.”

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WJC President Lauder welcomes proposal to require German migrants to visit Holocaust memorials

In statement to the New York Times, Lauder says: "This proposal is an encouraging and effective method of educating people of all backgrounds about the Nazi attempt to wipe out the entire Jewish population of Europe and the dangers such hatred can yield."

WJC in the Media

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PERSPECTIVES | #WeRemember: global Holocaust remembrance campaign - I24 News

An in-depth look at the WJC's 2018 We Remember Campaign.

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WJC laments UN resolution: “Jerusalem is the indisputable capital of Israel, and US has every right to recognize it as such”

"The World Jewish Congress deeply appreciates the United States’ strong reaffirmation of its support for and friendship with the State of Israel, and for its clear reiteration of its policy regarding this issue,” says WJC President Ronald S. Lauder.

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World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder's Hanukkah message

This Hanukkah, let us hope for miracles, for peace, tolerance, and safety for all Jews, and for all peoples of this world

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WJC President Lauder welcomes US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

“President Trump has taken a critical and courageous step today... We hope that this declaration will be the beginning of a fresh political process and a move toward peace and stability in the region.”

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World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder: 70 years after Arab states rejected UN partition plan – a two-state solution is still possible today

World Jewish Congress and Israel’s Mission to UN mark 70th anniversary of vote to establish Jewish state; US Vice President Mike Pence: "Under President Trump, if the world knows nothing else, the world will know this: America stands with Israel.

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World Jewish Congress President Lauder condemns Egypt mosque attack: We must stand together and defeat this scourge of terrorism

“Terrorism of this kind does not discriminate – we are all targets. Decent people of all religions, faiths, and nationalities in this world must defend each other and look after each other. We cannot let terror reign," Lauder says.

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Lauder urges German railway: Teach passengers on future ‘Anne Frank’ train Holocaust history

Following reports that Germany’s national railway plans to name a high-speed train after Anne Frank, WJC President Ronald S. Lauder urged Deutsche Bahn to provide passengers of the ICE with information about its predecessor company’s role in the deportation of Jews during the Holocaust.

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International sports organizations must enforce fair treatment of all teams – including Israel’s

It is the responsibility of the overarching bodies in all branches of sport to enforce a code of ethics for equal and fair treatment, without compromise or exception, writes WJC CEO Robert Singer.

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WJC President Ronald Lauder honors former Sec. of State Colin Powell with Theodor Herzl Award

Powell: ‘America’s support of the democratic state of Israel has never wavered and it never will’; George Stevens, Jr. accepts Teddy Kollek Award on behalf of his father, film director George Stevens, says: ‘I know that were my father here today, he would consider himself a voice in the chorus of the WJC.’

Press Releases

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World Jewish Congress reaches 150 million people in second week of We Remember campaign

More than 250 million people were reached in 2017 campaign, with participants including heads of state, celebrities and average people from around the world. This year, the WJC hopes to reach 500 million people.

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Chelsea Football Club Joins World Jewish Congress #WeRemember Campaign to Combat anti-Semitism

World Jewish Congress CEO and Vice President Robert Singer: “Education is key to these efforts, and we encourage clubs and organizations in every field to emulate and embrace the initiatives being undertaken by Chelsea to make it clear that hatred has no place in sport."

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WJC welcomes Chelsea Football Club’s initiative to raise awareness of anti-Semitism

Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich told the World Jewish Congress upon announcing the campaign on Tuesday: “We are reminded that there is still much to be done in the fight against anti-Semitism."

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World Jewish Congress launches largest global Holocaust commemoration event: #WeRemember

Preeminent international Jewish organization urges people around the world to join #WeRemember campaign and take to social media to spread the message that Never Again must mean Never Again.

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More than 108,000 join WJC and Bulgarian Jewish community call to ban neo-Nazi Lukov march

“We cannot stand by in silence as neo-Nazis and anti-Semites march through the streets of Sofia, in the same dangerous manifestation of the same anti-Semitic ideology that brought about the near destruction of European Jewry."

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World Jewish Congress committed to China's relationship with Israel and Jewish people, says WJC CEO Robert Singer

At symposium on China's role on world stage and the implications for Israel, co-hosted by Israel Council on Foreign Relations, Singer says World Jewish Congress is "committed to the relationship between Israel and China, and will continue to assist in strengthening these ties and working for the benefit of Jewish communities worldwide and the State of Israel."

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WJC CEO Robert Singer: Israel isn’t taking sufficient advantage of former Soviet olim' potential

“Israel must invest more in education and creating opportunities to keep those who came here en masse and can now find themselves anywhere in the world,” Singer said in an interview session with Russian-Israeli journalist Lena Lagutina at the Limmud FSU 2017 conference in Eilat. 

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World Jewish Congress condemns ANC decision to downgrade South African Embassy in Israel

“This decision amounts to more than just the downgrade of an embassy and the essential strategic and diplomatic ties represented within. It is also a downgrade of support for the local Jewish community and a folded hand on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," says WJC CEO Robert Singer.

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WJC congratulates Sebastian Kurtz on becoming Austria Chancellor, voices 'distress' over entry of far-right into coalition

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder urges Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to ensure government policies 'do not dissolve into dangerous populism'