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In first, ICC judges visit Auschwitz-Birkenau - Jerusalem Post

"A somber reminder of the importance of the court’s mandate to fight impunity for the perpetrators of such atrocities."

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Deborah Lipstadt: How do you stand up to a Holocaust denier? - NPR

After publishing the book Denying the Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt was sued for libel in the UK by Holocaust denier David Irving. Rather than ignore the case, she chose to fight it — and won.

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UK Palestine Expo given green light after government ban to threat - Jewish News

Department for Local Government won’t stop event taking place, despite fears that its organizers have ties to terror groups.

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Palestinian Authority preventing Gaza residents from receiving Israeli medical aid

Dr. Allam Abu Hamda of Shifa Hospital called the deaths -which are the result of an ongoing feud between the Ramallah-based PA and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip- “a crime according to all the parameters” and said that “the international community and human rights organizations must intervene immediately to stop this behavior.”

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Latin American Jewish Congress hosts Jewish-Muslim post-Ramadan meal

This year’s untraditional twist, aimed at promoting Muslim-Jewish coexistence, was led by members of the WJC-Jewish Diplomatic Corps and the LAJC New Generations Program.

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US and Israel team up to combat cyber threats

The group, headed by US White House cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce, will begin working next week and include representatives from both governments, the Times of Israel reported.

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This 400-year-old Jewish library survived Hitler and the Inquisition - JTA

Founded in 1616 by Jews who fled Catholic persecution in Spain and Portugal, the three-room library is adjacent to Amsterdam’s majestic Portuguese Synagogue in the Dutch capital’s center.

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These photos capture Israel’s beauty and diversity - JTA

The exhibition is based on Karen Lehrman Bloch’s book “Passage to Israel,” which is filled with 200 images by 34 photographers taken across Israel and Jewish settlements.

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The neo-Nazi who converted to Judaism - YNet

Yonatan Langer, of Berlin, attributes his change mainly to the conversations he had with the director of the group Exit. which helps neo-Nazis "get out of the extreme right and start a new life."

WJC in the Media

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WJC President Lauder praises Senate adoption of new Iran sanctions

Lauder says bipartisan legislation 'sends a strong message to Iran and its allies that their nefarious activities will not be tolerated', adding: 'We must continue to work together to stop Iran’s reign of terror'.

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WJC President Ronald S. Lauder: Six-Day War taught us that even in face of tremendous adversity, anything is possible

"The 1967 Six-Day War was a defining moment in the history of a young and fragile state in the face of tremendous aggression from all of its surrounding neighbors," says Lauder.

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World Jewish Congress praises EU lawmakers for backing measures to combat anti-Semitism

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder welcomed a resolution adopted by the European Parliament which urges all EU member states to combat anti-Semitism. "If Jews are forced to leave, it would be a disaster for Europe," said Lauder.

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WJC President Lauder condemns Egypt attack: Muslim leaders must speak out and protect Christians in the Middle East

‘Let this be a Ramadan of peace for Muslims and non-Muslims alike,' says Lauder.

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WJC President Lauder urges CUNY to replace Linda Sarsour as commencement speaker

“CUNY must not provide a stage for a person who perpetuates anti-Semitism and discrimination, or who advocates for violence of any kind, be it directly or indirectly. We urge CUNY to rescind its invitation to Linda Sarsour and find a commencement speaker worthy of speaking to its graduates,” Lauder said.

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WJC President Lauder condemns Manchester attack: 'World stands united in resolve to defeat terrorism'

World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald S. Lauder has condemned the terrorist attack by a suicide bomber at a concert in Manchester, England on Monday night as "despicable and horrendous."

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WJC President Ronald S. Lauder welcomes FIFA Council’s move to defer decision on Israel’s football association

“Politics, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have no place in sport – these are issues meant for the negotiating table, not the football field," says Lauder.

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WJC President Lauder commends Comerica for closing anti-Israel group’s bank account

“Comerica has demonstrated that it is committed to helping the State of Texas enforce its strict anti-BDS laws, and that it will have zero tolerance for any person or organization that seeks to undermine democracy or promote terror," says WJC President Ronald S. Lauder.

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Ronald S. Lauder: "We are one people, and we take care of each other”

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder's address to the delegates of the World Jewish Congress' Plenary Assembly in New York.

Press Releases

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Senior EU official: Any form of anti-Semitism is a violation of human rights

Speaking at a side event of UNHRC co-hosted by the World Jewish Congress, European Union Coordinator on Combating Anti-Semitism Katharina Von Schnurbein said that from the far left to Islamist extremists, hatred for Israel is increasingly hiding behind an unacceptable veneer of anti-Zionism.

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WJC to co-host panel discussion on anti-Semitism on sidelines of UNHRC in Geneva

The side event is part of the WJC’s advocacy efforts in Geneva, aimed at bringing the issue of anti-Semitism back into the global human rights agenda, and will focus ON best practices in preventing and combating anti-Semitism, featuring renowned experts in the field.

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London Jewish community, World Jewish Congress push back against anti-Israel Quds Day march

WJC Jewish Diplomat Vladimir Bermant: 'We Londoners now know all too well that people who attend marches like this, people who wave terrorist flags and shout Death to Israel and Death to America, are the kinds of people who may end up as terrorists themselves.'

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World Jewish Congress welcomes MLA resolution rejecting academic boycott of Israel

The 18,000-member association’s resolution to “refrain from endorsing the boycott” passed by a vote of 1,954-885.

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WJC presents families of soldiers held by Hamas petition signed by 12,000 demanding their release

Deputy Knesset speaker MK Hilik Bar on Wednesday gave the families of two Israeli soldiers missing in Gaza a petition initiated by the World Jewish Congress containing the names of 12,000 people around the world calling on Hamas to release the captives.

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World Jewish Congress urges US government to deport former Nazi guard living in NY

The World Jewish Congress, North America today called on the United States government to deport an accused Nazi war criminal living in New York City.

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WJC to join London Jewish community in counter protest against Quds Day march

More than 6,500 people have signed petition calling for Quds Day rally be banned; London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he does not believe he has authority to prohibit the march.

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World Jewish Congress praises Kansas legislature for passing anti-BDS bill

WJC American Section Chair Rabbi Joel Meyers: "When Israel’s right to exist is questioned, it is heartening to see its friends and allies rally behind it with full support. We look forward to Governor Sam Brownback’s signing this anti-boycott legislation into law."

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World Jewish Congress CEO delivers petition to ICRC President Maurer, asking for the release of fallen soldiers Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin

Singer met Thursday with ICRC President Maurer, and presented him with a petition containing the names of over 11,000 individuals worldwide, who have engaged on behalf of the families of the fallen soldiers, demanding that Hamas return their bodies.