Young Muslim-Jewish leaders to hold Hummus World Cup in Buenos Aires

An interfaith group of young Jewish and Muslim leaders, including members of the World Jewish Congress’ Jewish Diplomatic Corps, will be holding the first-ever Hummus World Cup in Buenos Aires on Sunday, in the spirit of sharing culture and experience.

"The interfaith group was created three years ago with the idea of working together to find the ties that bind the Jewish and Muslim communities. The group comprises some 40 young Muslims and Jews with diverse interests, social, community, and education, who seek to change the way in which our communities relate to each other, creating new opportunities to meet, converse and have a dialogue," said Ezequiel Sporn, a member of the group and a WJC-Jewish Diplomat.

At the World Cup day, participants will present their entries and taste the competition. The winners will be chosen by a jury of three seasoned food experts: Gustavo Massud (owner of Al Shark), Victor Manuel Garcia "El Gordo Cocina" (cook and instagrammer) and Matías Cederbojm (Masterchef participant). Prizes include a food processor, dinners at Arab and Jewish restaurants, and boxes of products from The Food Market.

Over the last year, the interfaith group has organized dozens of solidarity activities including:

- Collecting donations for Christmas 2016, delivered to a church community in Buenos Aires.  

- Joint Passover Seder at the Latin American Jewish Congress

- Joint Iftar for Ramadan at the Latin American Jewish Congress

- Limmud talk in Buenos Aires – presented by Jewish and Muslim participants jointly

- Talks about how to remove prejudice in synagogues and communities in Buenos Aires

The group is planning to convene its first ever Muslim-Jewish regional conference in the near future.

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