World Jewish Congress joins US concern over disproportionate and biased UN focus on Israel

NEW YORK – World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder joins the United States and Israel in voicing concern over the United Nations’ disproportionate focus and repeated moves to target and isolate Israel, following the General Assembly’s adoption this past week of six anti-Israel resolutions. 
“The United Nations has become blindsided by its obsessive and disproportionate bias against the State of Israel. As both the American and Israeli representatives to the assembly rightly pointed out, these resolutions undermine efforts to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians and subvert the UN’s own mandate of treating each member state equally," Lauder said.
“The United Nations devotes an extraordinary amount of attention and resources to promoting the Palestinian cause in the UN, including dozens of committees, resolutions, and funding of nearly $6.5 million of its annual budget. This is far more focus than is given to any other cause, despite the huge number of worthy crises and issues perpetuating around the world," he added.
Out of the six resolutions passed this week, two declared Israel’s actions in East Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan ‘null and void,’ accusing Israel of provocative action in the Old City of Jerusalem and its holy sites, and demanding its immediate withdrawal from the Golan Heights.
Lauder said: “The General Assembly’s resolution on Jerusalem today echoes recent UNESCO decisions, all which ignore and deny the Jewish people’s historic and religious connection to the city. Just like the UNESCO decisions, this resolution is a  cynical and manipulative distortion of reality."
“It is also nothing short of absurd that the General Assembly would dedicate its precious time to demanding that Israel withdraw from the Golan Heights, while ignoring the ongoing human rights abuses and violations spreading throughout Syria," he added. "It is time for the UN to put a stop to the political manipulation running rampant in its agencies and bodies, and cease singling out Israel for condemnation."

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