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WJC condemns vandalism of Amsterdam kosher restaurant: "There can be no tolerance forĀ anti-Semitic violence or hate speech"

NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress on Wednesday condemned the vandalism attack carried out against a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam and said it stood behind the Jewish community in the Netherlands in fighting all forms of anti-Semitism.

World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer said:“Anti-Semitism is raising its ugly head across Europe once again on both the right and the left, among pro-Jihadists, anti-Zionists, and neo-Nazis as one. There can be no tolerance for any anti-Semitic violence or hate speech. The World Jewish Congress stands firmly with the Organisation of Jewish Communities in The Netherlands in its vigilant efforts to ensure the security and well-being of all of its members. No Jew should ever have to live in fear or danger.”
The NIK – Organisation of Jewish Communities in The Netherlands released a statement earlier expressing its horror at finding the windows of an Amstelveenseweg restaurant smashed. The alleged perpetrator of the attack, who has been arrested, was carrying a Palestinian flag at the time.
Ruben Vis, director of NIK, said: “With this wrong-doing the entire Jewish community is affected. Jews in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, must be able to cherish their identity in safety.”

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