WJC condemns desecration of Greece cemetery as 'inexcusable and direct attack against the Jewish community'

NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress stands with our affiliated community, the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, in strongly condemning the desecration of the Jewish cemetery in Trikala which destroyed eight tombs and tombstones, said WJC CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Singer.

“The desecration of the Jewish cemetery in Trikala is an inexcusable and direct attack against the Jewish community, which must be condemned at the highest levels. In Greece today, such vile demonstrations of hatred and opposition have sadly become commonplace, against both Jews and other minorities. We cannot and must not tolerate such injustice.

“We urge authorities to take every measure possible to track down the perpetrator and bring him to justice. It is inconceivable that the Jews of Trikala, or elsewhere in Greece or across Europe, should have to live in fear or concern simply because of their identity.”

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece said in a statement that it "calls upon law enforcement authorities to take all necessary measures for the arrest of the perpetrators and the protection of the city’s Jewish cemetery, which -apart from its sacred nature- reflects the historic course of the Jewish presence in Trikala. We believe that the municipal authorities together with the society of Trikala will not allow the followers of hatred to harm the harmonious coexistence of all the citizens of Trikala, regardless of skin color, race or religion."










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