WJC CEO Singer meets UNESCO D-G Azoulay for productive talks focused on efforts to fight racism and anti-Semitism

PARIS – World Jewish Congress CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Singer met Friday with UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay, for a productive and warm discussion centered around the tireless efforts being taken by both organizations, both individually and in cooperation, to combat all forms of racism and anti-Semitism. 

Singer spoke of the World Jewish Congress’ strong program department, including, inter alia, the recent initiative developed with Chelsea FC to stop anti-Semitism in sports, the WJC Yiddish International Center in Vilnius, and the annual We Remember campaign, which UNESCO took part in this year 

Azoulay highlighted the current actions being undertaken by UNESCO to combat racism and anti-Semitism, including the guidelines that it will publish with the OSCE to this regard.

The discussion also focused on past, present, and future cooperation between UNESCO and the WJC. Among other efforts, the WJC and UNESCO are working together on an interactive website dedicated to Holocaust education expected to launch in November 2018 in eight languages.

Singer also raised in the talks past attempts of various players to politicize UNESCO regarding Israel, and the absolute necessity for UNESCO to abide by its core mission and remain a strictly educational, science and positively programmatic cultural institution for the benefit of humanity.

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