Lauder criticizes ADL reaction to Trump statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder said the following in response to the Anti-Defamation League's criticism of a statement made by US President Donald Trump on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day:

"It does no honor to the millions of Jews murdered in the Holocaust to play politics with their memory.  

"Any fair reading of the White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day will see it appropriately commemorates the suffering and the heroism that mark that dark chapter in modern history.  

"There is enough real anti-Semitic and there are enough true threats facing the Jewish people today. Our community gains nothing if we reach a point where manufactured outrages reduce public sensitivity to the real dangers we confront," Lauder said.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted on Friday that Trump's statement was “puzzling and troubling” because it refers to “depravity and horror” inflicted on “innocent people” by the Nazis and fails to mention that the victims were Jews.

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Barbara and Stephen Skor

Sat, 04 Feb 2017

I notice you didn't print our comment to you sent an hour ago. Hope you do---but want to add this: your slamming another organization (established to help Jews and others who suffer discrimination) was picked up by Breitbart. Our finances are finite: we rest our case on why we are withdrawing financial support for your organization and sponsoring ADL activities from now on.

Barbar and Stephen Skor

Sat, 04 Feb 2017

I totally disagree with your Lauder/WJC's position on Trump's Holocaust Remembrance Day speech, which panders to the holocaust deniers in his administration and by his Nazi supporters. It was calculated and disrespectful. We will no longer be supporting your organization, but will use those dollars to support the ADL, which responded totally appropriately. SHAME ON LAUDER, SHAME ON WJC!
You can remove our names and address from your mailing list.
Barbara and Stephen Skor


Wed, 01 Feb 2017

Mr,. Lauder,

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I believe you should resign. You are playing politics. The clown Trump is an embarrassment to this country and as Bannon has stated, Trump is an "imperfect vessel" for him to accomplish his vision. Do you really believe that the Christian Right cares about Jews?

albert khodari

Tue, 31 Jan 2017

I am extremely disappointed by your response to this issue
the statement issued by the white house mirror the argument of revisionists that
want to dilute the immense suffering of the Jews by the hand of Nazis
for Le pen it was a detail in WW2
we are approaching this type of interpretation of history by the current administration

as such I am stopping all contributions to WjC
Albert khodari

Renay Elle Morris

Tue, 31 Jan 2017

A SAD statement on REMEMBRANCE.

“The president ‘WENT OUT OF HIS WAY’ to recognize the Holocaust and the suffering that went through it, and….” _ Sean Spicer, White House press secretary.

It was the organized intention of the alt right Nazi populist ideology to rid the planet through a precise, systematic and cohesive order of mass extermination, of members of the Jewish faith, not limited to European Jewry during WWII. (Plans to extend to regions worldwide were included.) To purge them from every corner of the earth. Devised by Hitler, and the like of Goebbels, Eichmann, Speer, and the Nazi architecture of the Third Reich embraced this propaganda and spread its venom to include others “of inferior status” _those that did not fit in the idea of a pure Germanic race.

As stated by the Holocaust Museum, Nazi Germany and it’s collaborators target was the Jews. “Nazi ideology cast the world as a racial struggle, and the SINGULAR FOCUS was on the total destruction of every Jewish person at
its racist core. Millions of other innocent civilians were persecuted and murdered by the Nazi’s, but the ELIMINATION OF JEWS WAS CENTRAL TO NAZI POLICY. Elie Weizel said, ’Not all victims were Jews, but all Jews were victims.’"

On 27 January the United Nations General Assembly designated this day_the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkanau as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. A day designed to honor the memory of six million+ jews that again was CENTRAL TO THE IDEOLOGY.

Not one mention of this was included in the comments from the White House.

So for those of you who turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to this statement, from the office of the “President” of the United States, _tragic remarks made in ignorance and thus repeated and justified by those who lack moral compass. I say, shame on all of you. QED. /R.

Kenneth Levin

Tue, 31 Jan 2017

Mr. Lauder,

Please read Deborah Lipstadt's article in today's The Atlantic on this topic.
You owe Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL a public apology.

Steven Peters

Mon, 30 Jan 2017

Are you serious? Don't you look at your own website?
What is the meaning of #WeRemember if it is not to remember that the holocaust is intimately and directly connected to the systematic annihilation of Jews. Holocaust deniers often will to speak of the victims as "innocent people" disingenuously omitting the fact that the vast majority of these innocents were Jews. How can Mr. Lauder be an apologist for an American President who intentionally omits mention of the Jews when remembering the Holocaust? Shame on you Mr. Lauder. -- #WeRemember !!

Jane Feinberg

Mon, 30 Jan 2017

SHAME SHAME SHAME on you....I am shocked by your support for Trump and Bannon....You are showing your politics with this horrible statement.Iam now making one of my own...the donations will stop and your emails will be deleted.


Mon, 30 Jan 2017

"Not all victims were Jews, but all Jews were victims." I can't help but feel it is the WJC playing politics now. Why is it so hard to appropriately recognize the Jewish community, the people most impacted (several times over) by the Shoah during Holocaust Remembrance Day? This is exactly the kind of veiled anti-antisemitism WJC should be addressing.


Mon, 30 Jan 2017

You have disgraced yourself, Mr. Lauder.


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