#IchBinJude | Join German Jews in standing strong against anti-Semitism

Thousands of Germans are taking to the streets of their capital city Berlin wearing kippas (yarmulkes) today in a strong statement against the wave of anti-Semitism washing across Europe.

The march, organized by the Jewish community of Berlin, is part of the overwhelming response to the recent attack on a 19-year-old man wearing a kippa in the city’s Prenzlauerberg neighborhood. While initial reports indicated that the victim, Adam Armoush, was Jewish, it later emerged that he is in fact an Israeli-Arab who wanted to understand what daily life was like for his Jewish friends. 

This startling attack, which took place in the city that once served as the former seat of the Nazi government, reminds us that anti-Semitism is still alive and well. 

As a non-Jew, Adam is a prime example of someone who -- looking past religious, national, or ethnic boundaries -- put himself at risk to call out hate.

While you may not be able to travel to Berlin to join the march, you can still support this cause by joining the World Jewish Congress in sharing the image below and saying, “I too, am a Jew.”

Thousands from all over the world have already joined the WJC’s campaign, including UN Coordinator for Combating Anti-Semitism Katharina Von Schnurbein, EU Commisionner of Justice Věra Jourová,  and German media and politicians.

No one should be ever have to live in hate or fear. 

Stand in solidarity with world Jewry as we work to stamp out anti-Semitism wherever and whenever it arises.


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