"It is time for the international community to wake up to the grave danger posed by Hamas"

PRAGUE - “It is time for the international community to wake up to the grave danger posed by Hamas,” World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer told members of the WJC Executive Committee gathered in Prague this week for their annual meeting, responding to the massive fires that broke out in southern Israel today after militants in the Gaza Strip hurled flaming kites toward communities on the border.(c) Shahar Azran

“Since the start of the Hamas-led March of Return, protesters and terrorists in Gaza have attempted to launch more than 600 incendiary kites into Israeli territory. While the IDF troops -- tasked with protecting citizens of Israel -- have managed to either turn back or shoot down more than 400, 200 hundred of these crude and cynical weapons have reached Israeli territory where they have set more than 2000 acres of crops and property ablaze," Singer said.

“Just this morning, one of these devices touched down near Sapir College in the southern-Israel town of Sderot. The fires there are raging and authorities are working to contain the damage that has been caused. If it hasn't been apparent yet, it should now be clear that these attacks target civilians indiscriminately with the sole intention of sowing fear among Israelis. and damaging their livelihood," he said. “Kites are meant to be a childrens' toy, but in Gaza, under Hamas, they have been turned into weapons of mass destruction. I call all leaders around the world to act against Hamas, and condemn them for what they really are. A terrorist organization. Hamas must be stopped once and for all.

“51 years, to the day, since the start of the 6-day war, the Jewish State continues to be attacked from all sides. It is time for us to stand firmly together, and declare unequivocally, enough is enough," Singer concluded.

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