Iran launches social media hate campaign against Israel

Iran’s leadership has launched a social media campaign encouraging people to express their hatred toward Israel.

The ‘We Love Fighting Israel’ received praise from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s supreme leader, who recently called on his people to unite in the fight against the ‘Zionist regime’. The campaign encourages Iranian children, teenagers and other internet users to photograph themselves alongside messages of hate for the Jewish state and post them on popular social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Thousands of Iranians are reported to have already joined the electronic movement following comments by Khamenei’s outlining Iran’s goal of destroying the Jewish state. “Our people love fighting against the Zionists and the Islamic Republic has proved this as well,” Khamenei was quoted said in a recent speech. The campaign has spawned its own hashtag on Twitter, #FightingtheZionists.

Several hundred pictures have already been posted to the Instagram account ‘FightingTheZionists’. The account, which had some 3,300 followers as of Wednesday, links to Khamenei’s personal Instagram account.

One picture shows a child decked out in military gear and holding a sign that translates from Farsi as, “I love fighting against Zionists.” Captioned alongside the photo is an English language message that reads: “Our people love fighting against the Zionists and the Islamic Republic has proved this as well, Ayatollah Khamenei.”

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