German TV agrees to air anti-Semitism documentary following cries of censorship

Germany’s public broadcaster has agreed to air a new documentary on European anti-Semitism following accusations of censorship by local politicians, Jewish organizations and the State of Israel.

The ARD commissioned documentary “Chosen and Excluded – The Hate for Jews in Europe” was initially shelved for allegedly lacking balance, although the filmmakers told the Jerusalem Post that they believed that the broadcaster objected to its contention that “modern anti-Semitism is anti-Zionism.”

The movie examines the links between anti-Zionism and the BDS movement and contemporary Judeophobia and portions were filmed in Israel and the West Bank.

According to the Post, the German tabloid Bild posted a copy of the film on its website in order to combat what it saw as censorship. The paper’s editor explained that he believed that ARD saw the film as “politically unsuitable” because it highlighted “an anti-Semitic worldview in wide parts of society that is disturbing.”

ARD pushed back against the accusations, stating that it believed the film to have exceeded its mandate to focus on anti-Semitism, but the broadcaster eventually relented and “Chosen and Excluded” will air on Wednesday.

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