Edgar Bronfman Jr.: "Give back to your communities"

27 Jul 2005
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The head of Warner Music Group, Edgar Bronfman Jr., has told a group of entrepreneurs to give back to their communities after they themselves have succeeded. "What you are doing in your country, dreaming your dream is extremely important," said Bronfman, who is also chairman of the New York-based non-profit group Endeavor Global, which hosted a summit for entrepreneurs from Latin American countries. "Just like great entrepreneurs of the past, giving back is important, too," Bronfman, the son of WJC president Edgar M. Bronfman, pointed out. Many people would ask "Why do Jews do so well?", and the answer was that Jewish entrepreneurs had always understood that for them to do well, the community must do well. It was a pragmatic attitude that they still followed today, Bronfman Jr. said.