Argentine Jewish community wins injunction against Google over ‘suggested searches'

Argentina’s Jewish umbrella organization DAIA has successfully applied for a court injunction against the US giant Google Inc., whose popular web search engine ‘suggested’ users to visit certain anti-Semitic websites, including some where the Holocaust was denied. A Buenos Aires judge now ruled that Google had to remove the ‘suggested searches’ which guide internet users to websites illegal under Argentinean law that incite to violence against people or propagate racist and anti-Semitic libels. The judge also ordered Google not to place advertisements on such websites.

The complaint listed a total of 76 websites that openly promoted discrimination. According to DAIA, which federates the Jewish communities of Argentina, these sites had nothing to do with academic discussion, theology, politics or philosophy. The successful court action was made possible by the work of the Observatorio WEB, a joint operation by DAIA, the Latin American Jewish Congress (the World Jewish Congress' regional affiliate), and AMIA. DAIA announced that it would continue to denounce any form of discrimination, in particular anti-Semitism.

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