World Jewish Congress condemns beating of Hebrew teacher in Ukraine

15 January 2014

NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress today decried the beating of an Israeli-born Hebrew teacher in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in what local Jewish leaders say was an anti-Semitic incident. World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer called the beating “a vicious act that must not go unpunished,” and said that WJC was closely monitoring the situation.

Jewish leaders said the community believed the beating to be the result of anti-Semitic incitement and extremist activity seen in Kiev in recent days, including a torchlight march by supporters of the anti-Semitic party Svoboda on 1 January.

A group of at least four thugs beat teacher Hillel Wertheimer on Saturday night after following him home from synagogue services. Reportedly, three of the four men then punched and kicked Wertheimer in the vestibule of his home. A neighbor came down to investigate after hearing Wertheimer shout for help and the teacher has apparently now recovered from the beating.

“Nowadays, the beating of a defenseless Jewish school teacher is a culmination of anti-Semitism. The Ukrainian government must take tough measures to prevent such incidents in future. I also hope for that the representatives of Western states will react to this incident,” Boris Fuchsmann, president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, declared in reaction to the attack.

Communal officials met with state security services in order to seek more police protection for Jewish communal buildings. Swastikas have been daubed in Jewish areas recently. Another meeting was planned for Wednesday with the US ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

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Esther Allweiss Ingber

mié, 12 mar 2014

Is there any discussion about the Jewish world (such as HIAS?) stepping in to rescue Ukrainian Jews and bring them to the U.S. or Israel? Or is it already happening?

Thank you.


jue, 16 ene 2014

arrest these bullys they are no better than nazis!


mié, 15 ene 2014

So, what's new? It's the same C--p that went on over 50 years ago. What was done then, pogroms! Did anyone really expect the Ukrainian's to be different today than they were in the past? It also went on 75 and 100 and 200 years ago.

It will always go on, as we, the smart ones who left all that, (because of our grandparents) have none of this obnoxious behavior to bear. My grandparents wanted religious freedom, and so Grandpop left Europe, and headed for the USA. He worked his butt off, saving money for Grandmom and the four brothers to come to the USA. There but for the grace of G-d, go I. The people of non Jewish faith have not readily lifted a hand to help anyone, especially the Jews. Do they know about the Christ killers? No, they only know that they want what we worked for and reaped the benefits. The government of the Ukraine are busy poisoning their own, so what do you expect from a bunch of n'ere-do-wells. They are so busy laying blame on everyone else, other than themselves, who are the real culprits, they cannot concentrate on doing the right thing. Get jobs, make money, become a person. But, someone has to pay for their plight in life. Why not blame it on who the Ukrainians have always blamed? The Jewish people, G-d's Chosen People.

Poly Filaman

mié, 15 ene 2014

The Svoboda Party has been marching in Kiev for years without incidents. To correlate this recent attack with the Party's march of this year will require evidence.

In the interim, it would be greatly appreciated if the World Jewish Congress could investigate the 19/20 Ukrainian Oligarchs who are Jewish (top one is an ethnic Tatar) and have been large responsible for creating the dictatorship in Ukraine, having innocent students murdered, civilians regularly beat up, and all other forms of extortion and illegal activities. Perhaps if the World Jewish Congress should focus on the real problem in Ukraine which is how World Zionism is destroying democracy and turning Ukraine into a police state.

Thank you,