Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters wages boycott campaign against Israel

08 March 2011

The singer and bassist of the rock band Pink Floyd Roger Waters, 67, has become the latest artist to advocate a boycott of Israel, which he accused of operating on a "two-tiered racist system". In a blog post explaining why he had taken that decision, he said he felt he would be standing “in solidarity, not only with the people of Palestine, but also with the many thousands of Israelis who disagree with their government’s racist and colonial policies.” Waters was quoted by the ‘Toronto Sun’ as saying: "I'm against Israel for exactly the same reasons that I was against South Africa: it's a two-tiered racist system. They [the Israelis] have pass books [and] they have to carry identity cards that say whether they're a Jew or an Arab. It's insane. I'm calling on my fellow musicians and artists to join the BDS campaign against Israel. I've finally decided to put my head above the parapet. Enough is enough."

The Pink Floyd front man declared: "They [the Israelis] pay lip service to the idea that they want to make peace with the Palestinians, and there's lots of talk around the possibility of a two-state solution. But, in the meantime, they're throwing people out of their homes in the Negev and East Jerusalem and they're annexing huge parts of the West Bank... They're quietly getting on with taking over the whole of the land. And what happens then to the Palestinians?"

It is not the first time Waters has spoken out against Israel. Last year, he upset Jewish groups with an offensive video, played on a big screen behind him during his ‘The Wall’ concerts. He also claimed that Israel was keeping children “chronically malnourished” with the naval blockade of Gaza and said about the Israeli security barrier: “The wall is an appalling edifice to behold.” In 2006, when visiting Bethlehem, Waters also accused “young Israeli soldiers” of treating him with “disdainful aggression.”

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jue, 26 abr 2012

Look, I as most of the world have seen the pohots of the Holocaust. I have seen the pohots of Jews being lined up at train stations and then herding them in the cattle cars.Yeah, the Germans were bad for doing it and all but I have to say when I first saw those pohots my first reaction was WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE JEWS?They allow themselves to be herded into cattle cars as lambs to the slaughter what kind of people tolerate that happening to them?Instead of meekly submitting themselves to their fate they should have fought! When the Nazis came knocking on their doors they should have not been there. They should have had the place wired with explosives so when the stormtroopers came in looking for them BOOM!They should have gathered as many weapons as possible and then take the fight to the Nazis. Sure in the end they would have probably lost. The Nazis would have eventually killed them, but then again they died anyway.Look, given the very ugly choice I rather die on my feet fighting the bastards where I might have a chance, perhaps a small chance but a chance nonetheless to take a few of the bitches with me than just to meekly walk to my doom.Perhaps that sounds crazy to a Jew. That's your problem. You need to be a little crazy in this world.


sáb, 12 mar 2011

Those silly British. Mr. Waters lives on a island in the North Atlantic, but most countries have things called "borders" with checkpoints (viz. US-Canada), fences (viz. Russia-Finland), even land mines between them (viz. Uzbekistan). The Chinese also built a wall, to keep out Mongol invaders (perhaps the British heard about it whilst force-feeding them opium). The Israelis apparently did the same when their concessions at Oslo were greeted by the mass murder of thousands of citizens. The security fence replaced an inconvenient system of checkpoints that allows Palestinians faster entry to Israel. Also, the Arabs of Umm al-Fahm are happy that car thieves from Jenin cannot commit crimes in their town. So on whose behalf does Mr. Waters speak? Islamic Jihad's behalf? Is it not deceitful for him to complain that Palestinians should go through the same metal detectors that Israelis go through every day at shopping malls, thanks to Hamas and Tanzim's attacks?

There is continuity between British opinion today, espoused by Mr. Waters, and policy during the Mandatory period, and it is all driven by racism. Today, Jewish residence in such towns as Hebron is deemed "illegal," in spite of the 1929 ethnic cleansing of Jews from Hebron and land purchases predating 1948, whereas Palestinians have openly violated the Oslo Peace Accords by building their own "settlements" throughout Area C. A Samarian cannot reach the charred remains of that community's synagogues in Shechem/Neapolis/Nablus without risking lynching. And the demands to tear down the security fence amount to a call for a single-state solution with no borders, contrary to the PLO/PA's own pronouncements. During the Mandate, Britain transferred all state land free of charge to Hawrani Bedouins from Jordan, prohibited Jewish land purchases on 95% of Palestine's territory, and required that Jews pay indemnities equaling 20 years of income to Arab tenant farmers, long after the landowner had sold his holdings. The British contrived to interdict and send back Jews fleeing Hitler, refused to save 500,000 Hungarian Jews from Eichmann, and even set up concentration camps in Palestine for concentration camp victims. His Majesty's government thus forced hundreds of thousands of European Jews to the gas chambers in the name of public opinion in Baghdad and Cairo, and if that weren't enough, troops garrisoned in the Mandate transferred their weapons to the Arabs to prevent Israel for seeking independence. Lest this all be viewed as a mere novelty, let's also mention that England is responsible for Richard the Lionheart's mass murder of Jews during the Crusades, claiming some 300,000 lives in what is now Israel. Given this, it is abundantly clear that the English will steal any pretext to hasten the elimination of the Jews - Mr. Waters' plan is to make Israelis defenseless from Palestinians, as during the Second Intifada's wave of suicide bombings. I hope that Britain receives the same treatment. The British media's focus on the Palestinians to the exclusion of national aspirations by the far more numerous Kurds, Western Saharans, and other groups without $8 billion in aid to play with, merely make this prejudice and vision of a racially "pure" Holy Land more evident. Their concepts of legality and "humanitarianism" are all shams intended to kill Jews - it's just that cognitive dissonance, and their feckless concern for the 22nd Arab state, make them blind to this atavistic, homocidal tendency of the Anglos.

Israel has weathered blockades, boycotts, slaughters at nurseries, and the military might of the Soviet Union and her allies. It will weather racism cloaked as "human rights." Mr. Waters should stay on his silly island.


sáb, 12 mar 2011

as is so often the reason by people for coming against Israel it is mostly ignorance of the truth..this truth can only be decerned from the scriptures, not mans misleading deceitfilled ways. Musicians are more likely to be demonised than the non musician. Satan attacks the world through various means and muzos are a very strong link for this fallen angel. Mr Waters if you repent and turn back to the truth will be saved, your eyes opened ears opened and the truth will decend upon you in amaising way/s The bible clearly says you are cursing His people the Jewish of for your self..see Genesis 12:3 (New International Version, ©2011)

3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Ignore this at your own and families peril Mr Waters..repent and return to the Lord.and you and your family will be saved.