WJC President Lauder expresses confidence in choice of David Friedman as ambassador to Israel

NEW YORK – World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder met Monday with David Friedman, President-elect Donald Trump’s designated ambassador to Israel. Following the meeting, Lauder expressed confidence that Friedman would make an “outstanding ambassador.”

“During the campaign, it was no surprise to me when Donald Trump boldly declared he would 'send a clear signal that there is no daylight between America and our most reliable ally, the State of Israel'," Lauder said. "I have known President–elect Trump for 50 years and I can personally attest to his heartfelt commitment to the special kinship between the United States and Israel." 

“As president of the World Jewish Congress, I welcomed the opportunity to meet yesterday with Ambassador-designate David Friedman. A thoughtful and accomplished individual, David Friedman is both a proud American and a passionate advocate of the benefits that the United States and Israel have enjoyed from a friendship that has spanned decades. I am confident that he will be an outstanding US ambassador to Israel," Lauder added.

“Having had the privilege of serving the United States as Ambassador to Austria under President Reagan, I fully recognize it is the president, not any ambassador, who sets American foreign policy," Lauder said. “I am sure that President-elect Trump has made the appropriate choice in selecting David Friedman to advance the Trump administration’s diplomatic policies.”

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