NOA Project | Channeling the power of interfaith relations in the Netherlands

Networks Overcoming Antisemitism (NOA) has brought to the public stage a glimpse into the work of Chantal Suissa-Runne, who has initiated a number of community-oriented programs in the Netherlands to ensure that people of all ages understand and embrace the power of coexistence and the value of mutual respect for people of all faiths and backgrounds.  NOA is a unique coalition of major Jewish organizations, including the World Jewish Congress, that aims to tackle rising antisemitism in Europe through a variety of means, including showcasing the social justice work of activists across the continent.

Suissa-Runne’s projects include Getting to Know Your Neighbors, an initiative of the Liberal Jewish Congregation of Amsterdam, dedicated to connecting young students to members of the Jewish community for open conversations about Judaism, Israel, and Jewish culture.  

Suissa-Runne also created the Mo & Moos’ project, which started shortly after Operation Protective Edge, with the goal of bringing members of the Jewish and Muslim communities together for events, workshops, and dinners. The initiative has been extremely successful and has won multiple awards for its promotion of peace.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Suissa-Runne has moved many of her programs online, including webinars about youth empowerment, and interfaith relations.

Suissa-Runne credits her dedication to interfaith relations to her grandmother, who survived five concentration camps and a death march during the Holocaust, and taught her granddaughter “power of unconditional love, and always seeing the good and humanity in people.”

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