Promoting human rights and fighting antisemitism in Georgia - World Jewish Congress

Promoting human rights and fighting antisemitism in Georgia

Representative delivering the statement: Ms. Elen Berkovich 

Thank you, Madame President.    

My name is Elen Berkovich, and I am the director of the Jewish Community of Georgia. I am honored to make this statement on behalf of the World Jewish Congress. We would like to congratulate Georgia on the Third Cycle of its Universal Periodic Review and wish it great success as it constantly strives to guarantee the full enjoyment of all human rights for its citizens.   

The history of the Jewish community in Georgia reflects over 2.5 thousand years of development and prosperity. Today, the state provides freedom of religious practice and equality for all its citizens.   

In 2021, as in previous years, the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration of the Parliament of Georgia continued its goal of strengthening the improvement of human rights, including the socio-economic and procedural rights of vulnerable groups.  Georgian State Agency for Religious Affairs systematically takes measures to develop a non-discriminatory environment and to ensure freedom of religion and belief in accordance with international and national standards. Since 2015, in the framework of the state plan on protection of human rights, the Agency has been conducting specialized trainings on tolerance issues.    

In 2018, the Government of Georgia implemented the initiative of the State Agency for Religious Affairs, which granted ‘intangible cultural heritage’ status to 26 centuries of Georgian-Jewish friendly and neighborly relations.  

In continuation of the successful fight against discrimination and antisemitism, we respectfully propose to the government of Georgia to adopt and implement the working definition of Antisemitism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and also express our strong commitment to working together to completely eradicate racism and antisemitism in our country.   

Thank you.   

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