The Ronald S. Lauder Fellowship Program - World Jewish Congress

I am a rising sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, double majoring in International Relations/Global Studies and Public Health. I grew up in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, where I was half of the Jewish public-school population, my little sister was the other half. This often-ostracizing environment propelled me to become active in my local, albeit small, Jewish community. My passion for my Jewish heritage is an innate part of my identity, as I fondly recall at age 12 researching my family history with my Bubbe. Today, our family tree extends over centuries and thousands of family members and continues to expand. Honorary members of my mishpocha include my 2 adorable cats, a grey-tabby and a black cat. In my spare time I enjoy vintage shopping, reading, and binging TV shows on Netflix. I have also recently perfected my chai latte