The Ronald S. Lauder Fellowship Program - World Jewish Congress

Maia Carolina Bornsztein has a degree in International Studies from the Torcuato Di Tella University, with an ongoing thesis on the Presence of Iran in Latin America. She served for two years as a volunteer, in the DAIA anti-Semitism complaints area and security of the local Jewish Community. During 2020 she participated in the Public Diplomacy Program of the Latin American Jewish Congress, in which she acquired knowledge of digital diplomacy, interreligious and intercommunity dialogue, and Middle East politics. She is currently participating in the Jóvenes Judíos por la Paz project at Menorah Center, training in historical and current knowledge of Israeli politics and society, and acquiring tools to fight anti-Semitism. In 2021, she participated as a volunteer at CADAL in the writing of articles on the human rights situation in Asian countries. Recently, she has continued to deepen her knowledge in the region that she is passionate about, the Middle East, with the program offered by Tel Aviv University, Moshe Dayan Center, and the Latin American Jewish Congress, a panoramic view of the current affairs in the Middle East based on the Arab Spring and the Abraham Accords. She plans to specialize in international security and strategic studies in the near future