Red Card for Hate

Red Card for Hate

The Antisemitism in Sport Unit is responsible for leading WJC activities related to the fight against racism, antisemitism, xenophobia and discrimination in the field of sports. The unit works under the direction of the Chief Program Officer, Sonia Gomes de Mesquita, with staff divided between the Israeli office, New York and London, with a focus on diplomatic, programmatic, and mediatic activities related to these issues, as well as the delegitimization of Israeli athletes around the world.

One of the central roles of the Unit today is to lead the partnership between Chelsea Football Club and WJC under the banner “Red Card For Hate”, a three-part initiative for community involvement, educational materials, and preparation for a global forum to combat anti-Semitism in sports.

Red Card For Hate Program: Three Stages

1.    Pitch For Hope:

Creating a grassroot program of young professionals and students to create ideas to combat racism, discrimination and anti-Semitism in sport. The goal is to create new programs that will be absorb into the anti-Semitism in sports unit.
Competitions were held in US, Israel, UK in 2018 and will go for a second round in France and Germany.

2.    Video Educational Program

A total of 8 videos will be produced, the aim of which is to educate on racism, discrimination, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism in sports, while promote unity and cooperation on the field, in the stands, and in the real world.

3.    Special Forum on Combatting Antisemitism in Football

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Chelsea Football Club (Chelsea FC) will host a special forum for national football associations, football clubs, players, fans, and civil societies on the issue of combatting antisemitism in sports and football.
The forum will bring together experts from government, private, and civil society to share best practices and create fertile ground for discussion and collaboration and create a network of dedicated people and organisations to enhance the fight against antisemitism in sports.


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