Digital Advocacy Unit

The Digital Advocacy Unit (DAU) is responsible for leading on WJC core issues in the fields of online activism and digital diplomacy. The DAU’s mandate is to lead global campaigns in support of WJC affiliated communities.

In the past two years, the unit has developed tools that are employed by the organization for combatting antisemitism, Holocaust denial while promoting Holocaust education. The Unit also plays a role in confronting the BDS movement and supporting Israel’s efforts to counter the ongoing attempts at delegitimizing the only Jewish state.  The DAU has led various online campaigns including “Ich Bin Jude,” a social media response to the attack on two men wearing Kippas in Berlin in April 2018 and other ongoing actions such as countering the annual far-right Lukov March in Bulgaria and the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) in Sweden.

The Digital Advocacy Unit is responsible for managing and developing the Digital Ambassador Club, a network of 45,000 activist supporting WJC advocacy efforts. This interactive platform provides regular updates on issues regarding antisemitism and activities of the global delegitimization movement.

The Digital Ambassador Club also publishes original and timely digital content, keeping activists around the world updated on the latest efforts they can join – and how they can make a real difference. This site is intended to reach a diverse audience around the world because we know that the voices of hate and intolerance can only be defeated by harnessing the collective efforts of all fair-minded groups and individuals.

As part of our campaign to educate people about the Holocaust, the unit is also leading two major programs. The WJC #WeRemember campaign for International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Which in the past two years has reach more than one billion people in more than 155 countries. In November 2018, the unit launched in partnership with UINESCO. The website is an interactive online tool that includes a range of content — facts that all students should know, video testimonies of survivors, and the latest news updates about Holocaust educational programs and activities — all designed to address misinformation that circulates across social media and other internet forums.

In addition to its online activism, the Digital Advocacy Unit supervises the organizations work on college campuses. Through the Campus Pitch Competition, students can propose new and innovative ideas to impact life on campus for the Jewish community and win $5,000 to make their idea a reality. The Unit also oversees the Startup Mentorship Program, which pairs students in universities across the United States with mentors in Israel in the same field.

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