World Jewish Congress: Gaza resolution proves UN held hostage by anti-Israel elements

14 Jun 2018
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NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress denounces the United Nations General Assembly’s approval of a disproportionate and biased resolution condemning Israel over alleged excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, which passed 120 countries in favor, 8 against, and 45 abstaining on Wednesday evening.

“The World Jewish Congress is deeply disturbed by the UN’s disproportionate obsession with Israel, and its repeated one-sided moves and resolutions that unilaterally accuse Israel of excessive force while failing to take Hamas or other Palestinian entities to task for violence and incitement,” said WJC CEO Robert Singer.
“We applaud the efforts of US ambassador Nikki Haley to add an amendment to the resolution condemning Hamas, and the majority of states that actually voted in favor of such, and regret that the lack of a two-thirds majority prevented this importance clause from being adopted.
“The US efforts in this regard prove that even when certain states work to bring truth and justice to the floor, the UN continues to be held hostage by those who only want to criticize Israel and have no real interest in ensuring balance and fairness.
“We appreciate Ambassador Haley’s expressed criticism for these obvious failings, and urge other allies of Israel, of democracy, and of human rights to follow suit in recognizing that it is Hamas, and not Israel, that is to blame for the escalation on the Gaza border,” Singer said.