World Jewish Congress thanks TikTok for prompt removal of antisemitic content

12 Aug 2020

NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress was pleased to hear from TikTok this week that it has removed antisemitic content shared by users after the WJC flagged such content for the social media company.

The WJC has worked closely with TikTok to identify specific examples of harmful content and learned this week that TikTok had removed 98 of 100 flagged videos and banned nine of 12 users. TikTok has now followed YouTube and Facebook in banning Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, a French extreme political activist notorious for spreading antisemitic hate speech, Holocaust denial, and violent ideology. 
In a letter to WJC sharing its report of removed content and accounts, TikTok wrote, “We look forward to working with you and your organisation closely in future so that we can continue to learn and improve as we tackle antisemitism on our platform. We welcome this cooperation. … Please do continue to alert us to any videos that violate our guidelines against hate speech and holocaust denial. We also welcome any reports or research that can help guide us as we develop our policies and continually improve our enforcement.”

World Jewish Congress Executive Vice President Maram Stern responded, “The World Jewish Congress continues to partner with TikTok and other social media companies in mutual efforts to ensure that these platforms are not sources for disseminating harmful antisemitic content. We are pleased to see that our work together has led to the removal of a significant amount of hateful content that attacks and endangers Jews. Going forward, we ask TikTok and other media and social media companies to closely monitor hate speech and antisemitism, removing such content and banning violators before such hatred spreads.” 


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