WJC’s #WeRemember Campaign educates millions about the Holocaust through social media - World Jewish Congress

WJC’s #WeRemember Campaign educates millions about the Holocaust through social media

WJC’s #WeRemember Campaign educates millions about the Holocaust through social media

The World Jewish Congress’ 2023 #WeRemember Campaign for International Holocaust Remembrance Day has come to a close, but our mission doesn’t end here. Together, we have reminded the world of the importance of reflecting on the lessons of the past and learning from them as we strive to build a better future from all people. 

The countless meaningful and unmistakable acts of remembrance around the globe were only made possible thanks to all of you. Your support resulted in global leaders, government bodies, social media companies and leading cultural figures taking part in the weeklong initiative, which sought to educate people about the Holocaust and preserve its memory.

Together with communities around the world, we ensured that landmarks across North and South America, Europe, and Israel once again served a force to remind local citizens of the significance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the importance of our message.  

Participating entities also included the European Commission, European Parliament and NATO in Brussels, Federal Ministries in Germany, and UNESCO, a key organizational partner based in Paris.  

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Foundation was also critical in connecting us with Holocaust survivors and enabling us to share their firsthand accounts of their harrowing experiences.  

The Fight Against Holocaust Denial Online

Together with UNESCO we have continued our partnership with TikTok to ensure that its community has easy access to authoritative information about the Holocaust – directing hundreds-of-thousands of visitors to AboutHolocaust.org, a comprehensive resource that we developed with UNESCO.

The Sporting World Remembers

This year’s campaign saw massive support from the world of sports. Leading teams in Israel, including Maccabi Tel Aviv BC and Maccabi Haifa FC, carried the torch of remembrance for the Jewish people, while the entirety of Germany’s football league as well as its Argentinian counterpart joined in the effort, ensuring our message was heard and embraced by millions.         

Remembrance at Auschwitz

The #WeRemember campaign symbolically concluded at the site of the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. Photographs of participants in the campaign were showcased on a screen near the crematorium, as a testament to the Jewish people’s survival in the face of adversity.

Observing these activities from around the world was a deeply moving experience. The Holocaust is not only the darkest chapter in the history of humanity, but also the one which had the greatest impact on the Jewish people.  

Learn more about the Holocaust at www.aboutholocaust.org