WJC welcomes investigation into UK Labour over allegations of antisemitism

07 Mar 2019

The World Jewish Congress stands with its affiliate, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, in welcoming a proposal by the UK’s public equality and human rights watchdog to launch an inquiry into Labour Party statements and activities in order to ascertain whether the party’s handling of antisemitism complies with equalities law.


This inquiry had been proposed by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, a non-departmental public body in England and Wales, nearly three years after the party originally became embroiled in allegations of antisemitism. The accusations have even led a number of sitting Members of Parliament to quit the party, some accusing it of institutional antisemitism.


“The Labour Party has been dogged for many months by anti-Jewish hatred and racism in the face of ineffectual leadership, and a forensic investigation is truly welcomed and needed,” said WJC CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Singer. “We hope that this development will yield the necessary changes to the Party’s behavior and direction, and enable the British Jewish community to return to a place of comfort and well-being to this regard.”


Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl said in response to the proposal: “This proposed independent investigation confirms what the Jewish community has known for a long time: that the Labour leadership has a problem with anti-Jewish racism which it is unable or unwilling to solve. We welcome this development and hope it will now focus minds on the extent and depth of antisemitism infecting the Labour movement.”