Ukraine | Boris Lozhkin donates protective gear to med personnel

02 Apr 2020

Boris Lozhkin, president of the WJC-affiliated Jewish Confederation of Ukraine and a WJC Vice President, has donated respirators, goggles and disposable gloves kits to the Institute of Otolaryngology to contend with the spread of coronavirus.

“Any doctor – a therapist, pediatrician, dentist, ophthalmologist and even more so an otolaryngologist – is at increased risk, even higher than the elderly and the people with chronic diseases. All doctors, regardless of their specialization, are unable to avoid contact with their patients,” wrote Lozhkin on his Facebook page. “That is why it is so important to provide doctors with the maximum means of protection, for them to have an opportunity to keep on providing assistance to everyone who needs it.”

The Boris Lozhkin Charitable Foundation has sponsored the Art for Life charity auction for the past five years. The proceeds raised in last year’s auction were used to purchase “state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment” for the Pediatric Hepatology Center.