WJC thanks Czech Republic for recognizing Hamas responsibility in Gaza violence

25 May 2018
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NEW YORK – The world Jewish Congress sent a letter Friday to Czech Foreign Minister Martin Stropnický thanking him for his “judicious approach” to the violence on the Israel-Gaza border, and illuminating its similar position to the developments.

In a letter to Stropnický, World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer wrote:

“The World Jewish Congress deeply appreciates the Czech Republic’s steady commitment to the State of Israel and your own judicious statement this week regarding the violence on the Gaza border, holding Hamas fully responsible for the events and discounting attempts to link these riots with the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

“The position of the World Jewish Congress on this issue is fully aligned with these points. We view with ultimate concern the misinformation that has abounded on this topic, which unfortunately is a regular occurrence, also in international forums. The WJC sent our UN Geneva representative to present the facts on the floor of the United Nations Human Rights Council on 18 May, as the council prepared to approve a distressingly one-sided resolution condemning Israel for indiscriminate use of force, while virtually ignoring Hamas’ staggering responsibility in orchestrating and directing the deadly riots. 

“Both the resolution and many of the statements being made within the international community essentially disregard the incitement by Hamas, who deliberately push civilians to charge violently toward the border fence, and the hatred and systematic incitement fueled by this terrorist organization against Israeli citizens.

“Moreover, they fail to address Hamas’ own claims that 50 of those that died in the protests were in fact terrorists. Any assertion that these protests are peaceful is disgraceful. On the contrary, the right of Palestinian citizens to protest peacefully has been hijacked by a terrorist group devoted to inflicting suffering regardless of the cost, including human life, with total impunity. Hamas routinely uses its citizens as cannon fodder, but yet it is Israel who is denounced. It is critical to bring these facts to light in the international community, for the sake of both Palestinian and Israeli lives.

The World Jewish Congress will convene its upcoming Executive Committee Meeting in Prague on 4-5 June. I would be glad to discuss these and other relevant issues further with you then, and once again, I wish to express my gratitude for your steadfast support of Israel.”