WJC stands with Ukrainian Jewish community in deploring antisemitic cartoon targeting Jewish leader

22 Nov 2019

The World Jewish Congress stands with its affiliate, the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, in expressing its disgust over an antisemitic cartoon published by the "Group of the Extended Bottom" targeting Jewish philanthropist and president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoyskyi.
In a statement released this week, the Confederation said:  “The basic mission of JCU is to protect the Jews of Ukraine in the country and abroad, to remember the victims of the Holocaust and the heroes who saved the Jews, to develop the Jewish culture and education, to preserve the Jewish heritage. We are not indifferent to the fate of each Jew, and we stand for the protection of the Jewish rights in Ukraine. We are against any manifestation of xenophobia towards citizens of any nationality.
“In this cartoon, the antisemitic character of its creators is very well demonstrated. They are mocking over the memory of six million brutally murdered Jews during the Second World War era, out of which 1.5 M were destroyed during the Holocaust in our country, Ukraine. We are deeply disturbed by the activity of the group that created the cartoon of such inadmissible content, and we call for the need to be vigilant and fight against all manifestations of antisemitism and xenophobia,” the Confederation said.