MSNBC reporter apologizes for false characterization of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, following demand for retraction by WJC President Lauder

14 Feb 2019

NEW YORK - MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell apologized Thursday for referring in her broadcast to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - in which Jewish resistance fighters fought the German Nazis on the eve of the ghetto’s liquidation in 1943 – as a revolt against Poles and Nazis. Mitchell's apology came following a demand by WJC President Ronald S. Lauder to MSNBC to retract the statement, and similar calls by other Jewish leaders and Polish officials.

“It was brought to my attention that a broadcast from Warsaw on MSNBC has depicted the revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto as having been fought against ‘the Polish and Nazi regimes’. The World Jewish Congress demands that NBC and MSNBC issue an immediate retraction for this false characterization. The Warsaw Ghetto was a diabolical creation of Nazi Germany in occupied Poland. The Jewish insurgents who rose up fought against Germans. This incident serves as a painful reminder that all of us must redouble our efforts in the field of Holocaust education.”

Shortly after Lauder's statement was released, Mitchell tweeted: