WJC President Ronald S. Lauder congratulates Dani Dayan on appointment as head of Yad Vashem

23 Aug 2021

NEW YORK – Reacting to the appointment of former New York Consul General Dani Dayan as the Chairman of Yad Vashem, World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder said:

“At a time when Holocaust distortion and obfuscation are on the rise, and with so few survivors still among us, the mission of Yad Vashem has become more vital than ever. I have no doubt that Dani Dayan will apply his tremendous talents as well as sensitivity to this job in the same way he did during his years as consul general in New York.

“Yad Vashem is an institution that nearly every Jew in the world regards as sacrosanct. It embodies the age-old Jewish imperative ‘Zakhor,’ and all of us feel fortunate that it has been placed under Dani’s capable leadership.

“The World Jewish Congress and its affiliate communities stand behind and beside him and look forward to working closely together in the years ahead.”

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