WJC applauds Austria EU Minister’s push for removal of antisemitic content on social media

23 Jul 2020

NEW YORK – Today, Austrian Federal Minister for the European Union and Constitution Karoline Edtstadler strongly condemned the spread and current lack of regulation of antisemitic content on social media platforms including Tik Tok, which reaches a large adolescent audience. Edtstadler conveyed the Federal Chancellery’s plans to develop means to regulate and require removal of illegal content in Austria, and supported broader initiatives at the European level. 

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder shared the following statement, applauding Edtstadler’s comments:

“Disturbingly, Tik Tok has become a reliable source for videos disseminating antisemitic content including denial and disgusting mockery of the Holocaust. This trend is all the more alarming because Tik Tok is particularly popular among children. It is unconscionable that clearly antisemitic content is freely accessible on social media platforms, readily reaching the most impressionable and vulnerable segments of society.

“Governments have a responsibility to monitor for and regulate such content. I am pleased that Austrian Federal Minister for the EU and Constitution Karoline Edtstadler is making clear that the advancement of messages that normalize hatred against Jews is not merely offensive, but dangerous. 

“The World Jewish Congress looks forward to continuing to work with the Austrian government and other European governments as they pave the way by condemning the existence of such violent material, and building and exercising their authority to limit its dissemination.

“As Federal Minister Edstadler said, children are not born antisemites. We call on the leadership of the EU and its member states to publicly denounce antisemitic rhetoric and strengthen legal and regulatory means to end its spread.”

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