WJC North America condemns antisemitic video that blames Hasidic Jews for NY county woes

30 Aug 2019

NEW YORK -  The World Jewish Congress North America (WJC NA) strongly condemns the antisemitic video posted on the  Rockland County Republican Party Facebook this week as profoundly troubling and highly offensive to the Jewish community.

The video blames the Hasidic community in Rockland County, NY for issues concerning housing in the area by using antisemitic tropes, including images of visibly identifiable Orthodox Jews and phrases such as “plotting a takeover” that are deeply disturbing and completely unacceptable.

Evelyn Sommer, Chair, WJC NA, said: “Issues such as housing and education can be addressed by the public and by political leaders but not by finger-pointing and blame. Demonizing the Jewish community by posting photos of Jewish personalities or using language regarding alleged plots and takeovers is outrageous. Those who are behind these are contributing to an already tense atmosphere in New York where antisemitic incidents have spiked at an alarming rate and have targeted the Orthodox in particular, who have recently suffered numerous brutal physical assaults.  The way to solve problems is not through bigotry or the fomenting of hatred. Sadly, antisemitism, which we had hoped in this day and age would go nowhere, seems to be going everywhere. We thank Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Letitia James and Chair of the New York Republican party Nicholas Langworthy who have strongly denounced hatred and the use of this despicable video.”