WJC mourns passing of former YU President Rabbi Norman Lamm

02 Jun 2020

“The World Jewish Congress mourns the passing of Rabbi Norman Lamm, z”l, former President and  Chancellor of Yeshiva University, one of the foremost leading voices of Orthodox Jewry today,” said WJC President Ronald S. Lauder. “One of the most gifted Jewish academicians and thinkers, Rabbi Lamm had a profound influence and extraordinary impact on the Jewish community. His leadership and eloquence as an educator and community leader enabled him to convey an important view of the centrality and significance of Jewish life in our time, both in Israel and the Diaspora.

“Rabbi Lamm was a prolific author and inspiring orator who helped shape the Jewish identity of modern generations. He will be sorely missed by his legions of students and disciples. May his memory be a blessing for his family and the entire community.”