WJC condemns decision at Sweden's Center Party conference to progress circumcision ban

29 Sep 2019

The World Jewish Congress stands with our affiliated community in Sweden, the Jewish Central Council, in condemning the decision at the Center Party conference to progress a ban on circumcision of boys for non-medical purposes, and supports the need for dialogue with the party on this topic.

“Circumcision is a central tenet of life and ritual for Jews and Muslims alike, and must be maintained as an indelible religious right, in Sweden and everywhere in the world,” said WJC President Ronald S. Lauder. “Prohibiting any citizen from circumcising their sons, as has been the practice of their ancestors for thousands of years, is tantamount to decreeing an end to the future of their religious life in this country. We cannot sit idly by as such attacks are unleashed on our communities and our customs.”

“The freedom of religion and belief is one of the most critical foundations in the principle of democracy everywhere. We must not let this freedom be destroyed,” Lauder said.