Euro-Asian Jewish Congress teams up with companies to add new twist to Holocaust documentary

18 Feb 2020

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, an affiliate of the World Jewish Congress, is teaming up with the film company Belarusfilm and producer Lenfilm to create a unique documentary about the Holocaust, telling the story of the Minsk Ghetto, in animation.  

The story revolves around main characters Pinchus Dobin and Al Dobermann, two Jews who for 263 days, collectively hid 26 ghetto prisoners from German soldiers in an underground shelter. The shelter still stands today, on Sukhoi Street in Minsk. 

The documentary is part of a larger series, The Chronicle of Minsk Ghetto, which has been nominated for recognition President of the Republic of Belarus. The animated documentary will run for 26 minutes, to commemorate each of the individuals Pinchus Dobin and Al Dobermann saved.