British rabbi attacked thrice in within weeks

31 May 2011

A rabbi in England has been targeted three times by suspected anti-Semitic vandals.  In separate attacks this month, bricks were thrown twice through the window of the home of Rabbi Shmuli Pink's home, and a brick also smashed the window of his car. Pink is the rabbi of the Leicester Hebrew Congregation, located in the East Midlands region. He and his wife have seven children. He has lived in the community, serving its approximately 400 Orthodox Jews, for nearly ten years, the ‘Jewish Chronicle’ reported.

Police are reportedly treating the attacks as "religiously motivated" since the intended victim is a rabbi, the newspaper reported.  "It has been an unpleasant experience but we have got the support of other faith groups and we are working very closely with the police," Pink told the ‘Leicestershire Mercury’.

Lawrence Jacobs, the synagogue's security officer, told the same newspaper: "When you have three attacks in as many weeks there is a reason for that and it looks like they were religiously motivated. We have no idea at all who has done it. These attacks were frightening for the children in the house at the time. We are very happy with the police response and we hope those responsible will be caught. The police are treating it with a lot of gravity."